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Amazing Cocktails and Wine Selection

Our wine list is always being updated to suit the change in season and tastes of our guests, the classics are available as well a few interesting ones that will compliment your meal beautifully.

Our signature cocktail is a Blush Royale - champagne with rose syrup and a crystallised rose petal. Fit for a celebration, romantic occasion or a well deserved treat!

We do different martinis, like an espresso martini or Lychee Martini. Perhaps an Old Fashioned or a Margarita would take your fancy? Cocktail Hour Mon – Fri 5 – 7pm

Don’t forget our amazing Bloody Mary’s on Sunday too!

  • Cocktails

    Our cocktail list is small, but perfectly-formed and if you ask us nicely we’ll mix up whatever you’d like.

    Cocktail List
  • Wine

    We have everything from affordable to fine wines and champagne. We love prosecco too.

    Wine List